Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mullikulam Displaced Community continue their Actions for their Lands

Mullikulam: One of the most discussed displaced community in our circles and beyond. Even in LLRC report the plight of the community and the possible solutions were recommended.  However, there was no difference than most of the recommendations on the Mullikulam people were also put in to the non-implementable lot of recommendations.
In 26 December 2012, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, secretary to defense ministry Gotabaya Rajapakse in the presence of Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph there was an agreement  between community members and above responsible persons. As the mediator to the issue Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith promised the people he assure the implementation of the plan as proposed by  Gotabaya Rajapakse from the following day. People were reluctantly agreed as the leader of the Sri Lankan catholic church promised in front of the affected community.
But, people were realized later in January 2013 when the surveyers come to the land where people are living displaced and began to survey the same land violating the agreement on 26th December 2012.
People were waiting more than one year since December 2012 and have realized therw is no such progress being made as promised.
People felt now need some actions to awaken the authorities who made promises to keep theie promises.
People now line up for action and we as civil society organizations would assist once people's leadership emerged.
The proposed action today has postponed due to a court action at Mannar court and will continue as planned in the near future.
Civil activists are welcome people's action to get their land back.